Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review Games

This week is the students first big test so we are going to spend the day before reviewing the information.  They also have vocabulary quizzes every Friday during their enrichment class.  Here are a few games I found online, came up with myself, or found similar ones and changed a few things.  I try to do ones that are different from the usual relays etc. (Although I do throw in a relay race one every once in a while.) Enjoy!

1 vs. The Class
This is based off the TV show 1 vs. 100 and works really well with multiple choice questions for a review.  The point of the game is for one student to answer all the questions correctly and knock out the rest of the class. Choose one student from the class to be at the front (I pull a popsicle stick with their names).  Ask students a question with 3 possible answers.  The class is given ten seconds to choose an answer by selecting a card from their desk that has A, B, or C written on it.  The other cards go on to their lap.  The student at the front answers the question in their own time.  Everyone at their seat holds up their cards and if they got it wrong they are out of the game.  If the person at the front eliminates all of their classmates they get a prize.  If they lose, everyone that is still left in the class gets a prize.
Puzzle Game
Split the class into groups of 3 or 4.  Ask questions and have students write down their answer as a group.  If they get it correct they get a piece to their puzzle.  First group to complete their puzzle wins. You can use puzzles that you buy or can always make your own.
Luck of the Draw
This game can be played many different ways.  I used it for spelling when I student taught but I don't teach spelling in my class so I'm going to use it with just regular questions or vocabulary words.  Split the class into teams and give them each a whiteboard or piece of paper.  Ask a question and the first team to get the correct answer written down gets to choose from the bag.  I put colored dice in the bag so that they all feel the same.  If you pull a red your team gets two points, yellow your team loses two points, blue your team gets one point, green you get make another team lose two points. 
When I did it with spelling we played Sparkle and whoever said sparkle picked from the bag.  If it was red they got to stay in, blue they got to eliminate a boy, green they got to eliminate a girl, and yellow they were out.  There was one or two dice I put a sticker on and if that was pulled (rarely) the game was over and that person automatically won.
Clue Review
Split students into even groups if possible.  Pull one student from each team to the front of the room with their back to the board.  Write a word on the board that relates to what you're reviewing.  Each team member then gives one clue to what the word is without saying the actual word.  If a student cannot think of a clue or doesn't know what the word is they have to pass and that student up front gets one less clue.  At the end of their clues they have to guess what the word is on the board. If they get it right their team gets a point.  If they get it wrong one of the other students up front gets a chance to steal. 
Paper Fight
Split the class into two teams and set up desks in two lines.  On half sheets of paper write down questions for students to answer.  Give them a time limit to throw the paper at each other.  When time is up, it is up!  The idea is to get as much paper on the other side.  Each question has to be answered that was on their sides.  If they get it wrong their team gets a point, the most points at the end wins.  You have to make the rules clear at the beginning: No head shots, no throwing at the teacher, volume level has to stay low, and when time is up there is no more throwing.  Any rules not followed, you're out.
If you have any review games your students like I would love to hear them! I'm always looking for new ones.


  1. My kids love these games. Luckily my wife is tech-savvy enough to download games similar to the clue review and paper fight on the asus vivobook s400ca-rsi5t18.

    I wish more parents and kids knew about these games. Thanks for posting this Audra!

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